View From My Handmirror

I am pretend, and beautiful. My lifeline was left in Kansas and Texas water makes for an ionized illusion. Are you proud yet? ___get used to it. I just moved to Austin after graduating from KU. I love writing and like to think of my style as more experimental and abstract. Who needs more concrete in a big city anyway?

Megan Whitney (a quick biography)
by Mickey Cesar

Megan Whitney
was born a Virgin,
just in time to watch the Challenger disaster
in diapers.  She tormented her family
continually, showing signs of an
intractable obstinance
which only increased with age.
Megan Whitney
tormented boys, ripping their clothes
(on occasion) and stamping her feet
on their toys.  Megan
continued to create chaos
into her teens, leaving
a weeping trail of heartbroken boys
and girls in her wake.  Today
she stands five-foot-three in heels,
full of piss, vinegar,
and honey.

Don’t you just wish.


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