Give Me All Your Luvin’

I am a huge Madonna fan, so when I heard she was singing her new song at the Superbowl this weekend I was stoked….until I heard said new song today on the radio.  At first I thought, uhh… not another Selena Gomez pre-teen fresh out of Disney star.  But then I started to hear someone singing or spelling (maybe both, I don’t really remember) Madonna.  Seriously, this song is awful.  Its unoriginal and poorly written.  The only redeeming part of the song (of any song these days) is Nicki Minaj.  I’m still going to watch the half-time show, however, and hope that Madonna kicks ass.  Good luck, gurrrl.  It’s gonna be an uphill battle!

After watching the video I just have to say that both Nicki Minaj and MIA are too cool for this…
Also, I like that her backup singers are black.  How retro.

Here’s the video:


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