Are You Sicky? 3 Easy Steps to Feeling Better

The past week I’ve been fighting off…something  It has never quite made it to full-blown sick, just a little under the weather.  Whenever I feel this way  I turn to my sure-fire (hence not full-blown sick and still going strong) way to fight a cold or the flu.

My 3 Easy Steps to Staying Healthy

1. Take a prenatal vitamin before bed.  Prenatal vitamins are like extra multi-multi vitamins, but don’t let the prenatal fool you, you don’t have to be preggers to take them.  And they’re really great for you nails!  It’s best to take these before bed that way your body soaks up the nutrients from the vitamins.  It helps fight off sickness while you sleep!

2. Juice fast!  Either for a day, a week, or however long you feel sick.  Do a green juice fast to help your body conserve energy.  This idea comes from the fact that your body uses a lot of energy throughout the day digesting food.  Take way the food and that extra energy will go to fighting off whatever little germy has invaded your body, making you feel better.

3.  REST!  A lot of us think, “oh, it’s just a little cold.  I can deal.”  And then we go through the next week or two feeling miserable, stuffy, having trouble sleeping and loading our bodies with poisons to give us the illusion that we’ve gotten better.  All you really need is a day of rest!  Just one day of staying in bed (or even just lounging on the couch) and juicing will do wonders to your immune system.  When you’re sick you need to give your body a chance to recover.  I promise, the world will be alright without you… but stay healthy because we still want you around!


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