Off To Never Never Land



In the recent months its hit me hard.  I’m getting older.  Like, really older.  I used to have only 1 or 2 grey hairs, that I’ve had since I was a teenager… now I have too many to count.  My pours are getting bigger, my skin is getting dull and looks lifeless (I feel as though I look like the corpse I’m destined to be).  And my metabolism is slowing (although it could just be that I’ve been eating more carbs).  While I’m grateful for the opportunity to be getting older I have to admit that every time I look in the mirror I see something that is short lived and feeling ever more pointless.

Disclaimer:  This was not meant to be depressing or whiny.  It was just meant to…be.

One comment

  1. I feel you, Megs. No empty platitudes from me, just a nod of complete understanding. More often than not I too look in the mirror and think: What the hell happened to the last ten years? Of course this is quickly followed by: Damn! I look good for an old codger!

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