Tales From Munchkinland: 1

She reigns.  Perching high atop her valley dwelling molded, en-crowned, and scorned by the hearts of all.  The nights were daunting and she couldn’t shake the feeling: she had overrated herself.  There was a battle going on and it was happening inside her flesh, drowning in her blood, being crushed with each pound of her heart.  She couldn’t remember who she was.
“Where did you go?” she asked herself looking into the shaking mirror in front of her.  Tiny hands forced to hold up its massive frame.  And the one behind the mirror was her loyal monkey, Mort.
“ I’ve been here.  The whole time.”  She was unaffected by his words.  “Miss, may I?”  He said, putting down the mirror.  He began to sing, “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine—“  She turned her back on him, as she often did.  He continued to sing.


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