Cory Matthews Really Kind Of Sucks

via Kumbuya
via Kumbuya

Lately I’ve been watching a lot of Boy Meets World when I get ready in the mornings.  I used to love that show.  TGIF was “the bomb” on Friday nights when I was in middle school.  I also hated the fact that they got married, though, even then.  I know the viewers got to vote on their path and that’s what most people wanted but as Sebastian from another former favorite of mine once said, “most people are sheep.”  … That may not really apply, but it doesn’t matter.  What matters is that I’ve come to the conclusion that I probably would have been really mean to Cory if I grew up with him.  He’s kind of a loser.  But I guess that’s why we all watched the show.  We could relate Cory to the loser in all of us.

I’m thinking deep today, people, real deep.


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