Deepak Chopra, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jesus: Super Heroes UNITE!

I recently read The Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes:  Harnessing our Power to Change the World
By Deepak Chopra.  While I have read The Secret and do own a copy of some CD’s of Chopra’s, I’m not really into the positive thinking, intention talk.  I take that back.  I am.  Kind of.  But you have to admit, it gets really old after a while.  That’s why I was thrilled when I read in some random place that this book had been written.  Because, if you haven’t guessed by now, I’m a complete nerd and superheroes are kind of my thing.  Scratch that.  I’m what’s known as these days as a Fake Fan Girl, I think.  Let’s just say I’m really pretty and leave it at that.
Anyway, I found the copy in the Christianity section of Barnes and Nobel, which was strange to me because I didn’t realize Deepak Chopra is totally a Christian.  I think.  You can research that, I don’t really care.  Anyway, for all you Others and Athie’s out there don’t worry, the books not all Jesus was the only super hero (he only mentions that in like one, maybe two chapters).  Chopra actually wrote the book with his comic-loving son and I’d say some of the examples and references of your favorite Super Heroes are pretty solid.
I may share some excerpts from the book and wax philosophically over them while I mention that I’m drinking a cup of over-priced, local AND fair trade coffee or some obscure literary references that makes you remember I’m not a complete superficial valley girl idiot (side note: bloggers, any F. Scott Fitzgerald reference has been off the table since late 2010.  Now you’re just making references about Leonardo DiCaprio and unless said reference is accompanied by a picture of him from Growing Pains you are failing).  OR I might just be lazy and post a quote along with a Buffy or Dr. Who meme.  Either way, we’ll both get something out of it.


“Balance is interaction among being, feeling, thinking, and doing.  Superheroes integrate these four core stages of existence amid the turbulence of the world and daily activity and, in doing so, are able to creatively solve every challenge they are faced with and create an atmosphere of empowerment and love wherever they are.  As a result, the ideal superhero is a master of martial arts, which at its core is a spiritual discipline.”




  1. I know how you feel about the positive thinking stuff. It does get a bit samey at times, but then I do still tend to come back to it every now and again. Did not realize Chopra was a Christian. I imagined from his books I have read some sort of Eastern Religion. Maybe Hinduism.

    • Like I said, I could be wrong. That’s just the idea I got from this book. I’m sure it’d be quick and easy enough to Google. It would probably take as much time as I have taken talking about how I’m just not gonna do that..

      • Haha, yes I know that would be easier, but I thought I would try to figure it out in my head… Turns out not so easy, neither Christian nor Hindu, was member of a small religious meditation group at one time. But abandoned that to create his Chopra center.

      • Which reminds me of this:
        “I remember, many years ago in India, watching a debate between the great teacher Jiddu Krishnamurti and a religious fundamentalist. After quite a bit of back and forth, the fundamentalist looked and Krishnamurti and declared, “You know, the more I listen to you, the more I am convinced that you’re an atheist.”
        Krishnamurti scratched his head and answered, “I used to be one, until I realized I was God.”

        Although I obviously don’t know what the Chopra center is about.

      • Interesting point Megan. I am not sure if the suggestion is that maybe Chopra has become like a god-figure. I suppose that is always a danger when we think ourselves to have access to a privileged truth.

      • Ha, The Chopra Centre just started following me on Twitter. I blame both of us for this. Mainly you, though, because while he is the title of my post you put the idea of his organization out there and connected it to me.

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