The Unknown (Deepak Chopra Quote)

“The unknown exists in the realm of possibility.  In fact, the unknown is by definition a field of infinite potential and is constantly manifesting as the known in every moment of the present.  Therefore, the present moment is the junction point between the unknown and the known, between the unmanifest and the manifest.  Superheroes are grounded there—in life-entered present-moment awareness.  They are able to occasionally glimpse into the unknown, feel comfortable with its uncertainty and infinite potential, and actually channel its power into the present moment.  This is very literally the power of presence—to be free from both the past and future and have infinite flexibility in every moment as it unfolds.  As a result, superheroes understand that the best way to manifest an evolutionary future is to live on the cusp of choiceless awareness.” 

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes:  Harnessing our Power to Change the World

By Deepak Chopra


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