I hated the Little Mermaid growing up.
I hated that the Sea Witch, who reminded me so much of my mom, was evil.
I hated the scene where the Sea Witch eats the little box of sea urchins as if they were a box of chocolates.  I hated it because it always made me want a box of chocolates.
I hated that the “bad guy” had dark hair because I had dark hair.  Was I supposed to be bad too?
I hated that  Ariel was the youngest and it was always the youngest or the only child that had the biggest sense of adventure.  And I hated that sense of “adventure” that she had.  What was so wrong with following the rules?
That seagull drove me nuts.  So did that chef who tried to cook the lobster.
I also was never a big fan of the water so the whole sea thing made me uncomfortable.
I thought the Prince looked better with the Sea Witch than with Ariel.
I hated the name Ariel, still do.
Everything about who Eric was, was really annoying.
Even as a child I knew the emphasis on “a kiss” was overly romanticized and while I wanted to kiss a boy I never put any emphasis on kisses being “magical.”
Most importantly I knew that one day Ariel would eventually feel the way she does in this picture.  And I LOVED that Disney did that to her.  There was something so wrong, something so against nature that I remember picking up on.  But I didn’t feel sorry for her.  I felt like she deserved it.  She feigned “love” for a Prince and used it as a means to an end: to get to explore the surface of the planet.  And even though she was already a Princess she was a total gold digger.
I always felt sorry for the Sea Witch, too, who was clearly just in love with King Titan but because she was a fatty he didn’t love her back.  This led her to become evil and eventually a sea urchin herself in the King’s box of chocolates.
I really want a box of chocolates.
And I hated how flat the artist made Ariel’s face in this picture.





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  1. I have not read the story or watched it, but this is a great advertisement for it! hehe, a lot of disney stories and stories aimed at kids I find to have dubious morals behind them. I found this with charlie and the chocolate factory, the old version. That movie creeped me out, punishing the kids so severely just for being kids and doing things that kids tend to do.

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