Holiday Juice Detox

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jolt-juice2-234x300It’s holiday season again which means you undoubtedly have that nostalgic, euphoric feeling of youth.  It also means, however, that those feelings trick you into thinking you’re body is much more flexible than it really is.  Not in terms of stretching, but in terms of being able to take all the extra sugar and spice and everything that tastes so nice.  In reality, all of those toxins are hard for your body to deal with.  Even though you’re, hopefully, happy (because who doesn’t like indulging every once in a while- not to mention all those presents) you may feel a little extra bloated and tired from all that junk food.

So, how do you resist and, more importantly, how do you bounce back during such a delectable time?  Well, for me it’s all about timing.  I do a juice fast a couple times a year.  Contrary to what some juice-heads…

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