Are You Ready For a Dog?

What to ask before adopting a dog from Austin Pets Alive’s Ellen Jefferson.

By Megan Russell

Adopting a dog from a shelter can bring joy and light in to your household, not to mention you’re saving the life of an animal. For Dr. Ellen Jefferson, the executive director of Austin Pets Alive, it is crucial to ask yourself many questions before adopting.

“We encourage adopters to think through each issue before finalizing an adoption. This could prevent heartache later. An adopted pet will live many years and we want that pet to stay in the same household for their lifetime, rather than facing being re-homed again,” Jefferson says.

Let’s be honest, most of us adopt dogs for slightly selfish reasons that all hover around companionship and pleasure. But it is crucial to be honest with yourself when considering whether you would make a good pet parent. Jefferson encourages potential new dog owners to ask themselves the following five questions before making the leap.

To learn more about what you should ask yourself before adopting check out my article in Austin Woman: Are You Ready For a Dog?.


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