The Cat’s Meow

Fun facts about our feline friends that will make you fall in love.

By Megan Russell

My kitty Coda snuggling with his favorite toy.

February signifies a time of love and romance. At Austin Woman, it also seems to be about puppies, or more specifically, puppy love. It’s easy to get caught up in the floppy, slobbery love of man’s, or—in our case—woman’s best friend. But let’s not forget the companionship of the slightly more reserved, yet still deserving of our love, cat.

Veda after a tough workout.

It seems cats and dogs were domesticated about at the same time 10,000 years ago. I can see hunter-gathers bickering about which were better hunters, trackers, protectors and maybe even friends. At some point, someone was the first person to ask a question that plagues humanity to this day: Which is better, cats or dogs?

Follow the link for my case of why cats are better than dogs.

The Cat’s Meow.


One comment

  1. Absolutely, cats are better than dogs! I had four for up to 20 years, and just recently, we rescued to new ones, Prudence and Charlie. Charlie looks very much like your ginger one in the photo. He’s only a kitten still, but he is HUGE! Prudie is what we like to call a “Siamedo”. She’s only just a year old. They have brought back the joy to our lives after losing the last of our beloved quartet.

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