More Easter Candy for Your Bunny’s Basket

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Sjaak’s makes some of my favorite vegan candy.  I always grab a few of their little goodies at Wheatsville on my way out.  The brand also makes Eli’s Earth Bars which are available at Wheatsville and (some) Whole Foods– I can’t find them, or any other vegan-specific candy bar at Gateway anymore.  😦

Anyway, some of these yummy Easter chocolates are available around Austin, and all of them are available on Sjaak’s website.

Vegan Sitting Bunny_Clean

Well hello there Mr. Bunny.  This little guy, along with all the Sjaak’s chocolates, is organic and fair trade.

Large Bunny filled with Gummies

Easter basket delight with chocolate and fruity bears!

Peanut Butter Bites Easter Tote

What I love about their Peanut Butter Bites is that they’re not too sweet.

Caramel Bites Easter Tote

And my favorite, the Caramel Bites.

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