Trail to the Top

Whether they’re at the top of the business world or the top of a mountain, these women are experts on what it means to be a successful leader.

By Megan Russell

Women rising to leadership positions have always been a hot-button issue. Most recently, the glass elevator has made news with General Motors’ new CEO, Mary Bara, for not only her new position (gasp, a woman CEO), but also her new salary, which will be half of what her male predecessor made. In Becky Blalock’s book, DARE: Straight Talk on Confidence, Courage, and Career for WOMEN IN CHARGE, she discusses how women in the business world are far less likely to take risks or ask for a raise than their male counterparts.

Not your typical leadership expert, Alison Levine has experience that comes from a place where the right skillset could be the difference between life and death.

I loved reading both of these books, particularly Alison Levine’s On the Edge. It made me feel capable.  Learning how other people push past their limits in extreme situations helped me to realize the little problems in my everyday life can be easily overcome– mostly by simply changing my attitude towards them.

The article offers up some really inspiring quotes from both women.  Read it here: Trail to the Top.

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