620: A Budding Vegan Hotspot?

My Very Veggie Blog

Probably not, but there is potential.

If you make it north on 620 one of these Saturday mornings you’ll find a little farmer’s market in the parking lot of Lakeline Mall known as the Cedar Park Farmer’s Market.  It’s expanded in the years since I’ve driven past, so I decided to swing by one morning and see what they had to offer.

Being that it was in the Cedar Park/Northwest Austin/183 vicinity I wasn’t expecting much if only because the area is a fast food go-to and home to places like Longhorn Steakhouse, Pluckers and Texicana (I’m not even sure if I have those names right).  I did see plenty of stands selling their home-slaughtered beef and more than a handful of little bakery’s, all of which offered nothing vegan; but there were a good number of veggie farms with lots of veggies to which I vigorously helped myself.


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