M. Scott Peck Quote

sea cucumber“We must be willing to fail and to appreciate the truth that often Life is not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be lived.”– M. Scott Peck 

I couldn’t agree more (at least with this particular quote, M. Scott Peck has some intense ideas of “evil” that I think everyone falls under a little… perhaps original sin is the reason- for some or him, I have no idea his religious affiliation but it’s not a good enough reason for me).

Don’t get me wrong, I am a planner and I never feel very comfortable when I deviate from that plan, but when it comes to making decisions I tend to prefer the one with the bigger risk.  I like to live with the attitude of, “let’s just see what happens,” rather than playing it safe.

Just go with it (life, the flow, whatever) and don’t try to think too much about the why of it all.  Just live, do what you want (unless that involves smoking around me, don’t do that… or killing animals.  Please refrain from killing animals as well) and learn to accept that things happen to you in life because of the choices you have made.  Learn to accept the consequences of that… even if those consequences make you an utter failure.

*The sea cucumber and copepod seemed appropriate due to their mysterious nature.  Also, taken from the China Daily website so they may not even be real.



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