Hot Flashes and Healthy Habits

Dietitian LeAnne Skinner offers tips on how to maintain a healthy weight during menopause. 

By Megan Russell

As women, our bodies are always changing. We go through awkward hormone shifts during puberty, mood swings due to hormonal changes during and after pregnancy, and changes to everything we know about ourselves during menopause. Of course, this doesn’t include any number of other reasons hormones may change throughout our lives.

And while both mood and body are affected in all of these stages, during menopause, instead of growing and developing, the body begins to slow down. When this happens, women start to notice weight gain even if their diet and exercise habits remain the same as before menopause.

To read more and find out Skinner’s tips on maintaining a healthy weight during menopause check out the article available in June’s Austin Woman Magazine: Hot Flashes and Healthy Habits.


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