The Sun is Always Shining on these Bright and Colorful Desserts

My Very Veggie Blog

I am trying to eat less processed sugar.  I can usually do a pretty good job if I avoid soy or coconut yogurts (23 grams of sugar, are you kidding, that’s my daily intact!?)  Of course, I really only work on this avoidance during the week.  On the weekend it’s a free-for-all, though I am trying to limit that F-F-A to only one day on the weekend… and to only one “splurge”.

Increasing my protein and fat intact with nuts when I’m craving sugar has helped and made me realize that my cravings may come from a lack of fat (healthy) in my diet.  It’s not intentional by any means, but prior to limiting my sugar intake I got a lot of my fat from sugary foods and all the oils that came with them, rather than healthier sources, thus never really introducing those sources into my diet.  Plus, I…

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