Kebabalicious Hummus and Pita

Craving this. Wishing I was downtown right now.

My Very Veggie Blog

IMG_20140504_102003It’s no secret that I don’t go downtown much.  The crowds, the noise, the smells… (the bathrooms) are all more than my senses can handle.

When I do go out its usually with Jake, because his band is playing a show.  Being in a hardcore band (they’re called DSGNS, look them up) they play a lot on “dirty 6th” or Red River. Unfortunately for me, that’s not where all the vegan food trailers are located.  Although, to be honest, no vegan trailers are really in the “downtown” area much anymore. They all seem to have been pushed out by big developers and, what I assume, are high rents.

But there are a few vegan-friendly trailers around and one my new favorites is Kebabalicious.

I went to college in Lawrence, KS which has what is arguably the coolest downtown for a college city: Mass. (short for Massachusetts Street). During the day…

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