REVIEW: May Petit Voir Beauty Box

The June box review will be up soon. Been so busy I haven’t had a chance to try everything yet!

My Very Veggie Blog

IMG_20140516_172416Back in March, I believe, I signed up to receive the Petit Vour Beauty Box at Texas VegFest.  They told me I would be getting my first box in mid-May.  In typical Me-fashion I knew I would forget about it and I was looking forward to my surprise when it finally came.

Well, that day finally came.  When I opened up my mail and saw a big, pink box inside I gasped loudly in delight and contemplated opening the package before I even made it inside.

What’s inside?

AROMI Lippie
I only recently started wearing anything on my lips, mainly because I never really got it.  Lipsticks always ran and, when I was younger, I thought lip liner was dated and too old for me.  Lip glosses always clumped in places and never stayed on.

Well, I don’t know if lip gloss technology has advanced, or this is just higher…

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