2014 My Year of Fresh Action… 2015 My Year of Wealth

quote-wealth-is-the_9636-02014 started with… flu leftovers from Christmas morning 2013.  It’s not that 2014 went downhill from there, it just seemed stagnant.  I had made the choice to choose a word for the year rather than a resolution.  Read about it here. 

Finally, on my 29th birthday I was fed up with my stationary life that seemed to be going nowhere I wanted and decided my best choice of… action… was to do just that and take action.

It’s not that I hadn’t befor, it’s just that I didn’t focus on it. I focused on Fresh and tried to make the Fresh happen, but didn’t take steps towards it every day.

Of course, when you take the right course of action everything else starts to unravel on its own.

And that’s what happened.

And now, it’s 2015 and my life is completely different.

New home, new roommate, new job, new gym, more money, new relationship and a stronger sense of self.   It’s funny how taking one step made everything new.

So along with Action for my 29th year, I want to add Wealth as my word for 2015.  Sure I want financial wealth, but I also want my cup to overflow with good health, positivity, love and gratitude.

So here’s to me taking Action and building Wealth in 2015!


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