Raising Women with Vision


So how do you do it?  How do you raise a woman with vision?

I think back to growing up, who I wanted to be and what I wanted to do. While I had plenty of people telling me I was amazing and could accomplish anything… I also had the naysayers.  The ones who told me I just wasn’t good enough.

For example: “No, you can’t do a DI because you can’t handle losing.” lol

I “lol” because in retrospect its funny… its also not.  Because what my mother didn’t do was teach her daughter how to persist when she wanted something.

“She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.”

Instead, when I was told “no”,  I listened.

That isn’t to say I did’t persisting some of the time.  But I think I didn’t always “pick” the right battle.  I think I let fear of failing get in the way.  I let my vision of who I wanted to be, become clouded by someone who I looked up to telling me who they thought I was.

And that’s what adults don’t get.  From birth every adult a child interacts with, tells that child who she is.  Who society has deemed her “worthy enough” to be.

I love everything about being a mom, and since having my baby have devoted my life to showing my daughter that she can do ANYTHING she wants. (Bryan and I secretly want her to be a quarterback in the NFL, but truly believe she may be the first real-life comic book mad scientist villain: either one would be a woman I’d be honored to have raised, lol)

But I don’t want to tell my daughter who she is.  I don’t want others to tell her who they think she is.  I want her to apologetically BE WHO SHE IS.  It is my goal, my entire purpose, to raise that person, to support that person and to unconditionally love that person.





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