January 1

Sometimes you power through, even when its hard. You just want to sleep, let out some anger, or show how annoyed you are. And there are times for that.  Today, for whatever reason, was not that day.  So you make another cup of coffee, put on a smile (or not- that’s really up to your mood- and don’t let anyone ever tell you that you have to smile), and do what needs to be done. The frustration will pass and you’ll be glad you didn’t let you own pettiness win out.

Other things to note:

  • Take a happy nap.
  • If people are offended or annoyed by your absence for any occasion they’re petty and only worth your time for entertainment value.  Play with them.
  • Gossiping is tacky, but fun things often are.
  • Caffeine is great… in small doses.  Just like everything else. Keep things short, sweet, and simply and you will excel.