Hi, my name is Megan Russell and I am the Assistant Managing Editor for West Austin News.  In my spare time I work as a freelance writer and editor.  My interests include people, health and fitness, art, fashion and science. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in English in December of 2008 from the University of Kansas.

I recently wrapped up a six month editorial management internship with Austin Woman Magazine.  These are the articles I wrote during that time:

Lake Travis Lifestyle:
Child Care in Lake Travis: Day Cares and Preschools for your future Cavs

The Benefits of Interval Training
The Benefits of Group Workouts

Austin Woman Magazine:
How to Be More Confident in the Workplace
Sandra Spalding

Trail to the Top

On The Avenue

31 Days of Inspiring Women
International Food Roundup

Are Your Ready for a Dog?
High-Flying Adored
Keeping Heart Healthy
Raw Food, Easy and Delicious
The Joy of Financial Security
Feeling Good, Feeling Great Take Heart
A New Community for Interior Design
A Girl’s Night Out

ATX Man Magazine:
Putting Austin on the App
More Homegrown Tech
Helping ‘Big Bois’ Lose Weight

In October of 2013 I wrapped up an internships with Senzuri Books in their editing department.  Credited works:
The Box by Tom Gnagey
The Case of the Murders at Fairfield Heights by Gariison Flint

CBS to Turn ‘The Wizard of Oz’ into a Medical Drama

SeeSaw Austin
All of my work can be viewed here.

My Very Veggie Blog:
Holiday Juice Detox
Reviews: Daiya Pizza and Cream Cheese, Follow Your Heart Shreds and Field Roast Deli Slices
Growing Up in Kansas and a Louis C.K. Quote
Cheesy Vegan Goodness
Low-Fat Milk Does Not Prevent or Reverse Childhood Obesity
Craving A Salty, Healthy Snack?
The Voice
How Do You Value Yourself?

If you like what you read and you’re interested in working together please contact me via email at mwr829@gmail.com.

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